Business Rates

Roger Hannah & Co are rating specialists with a proven track record of successfully reducing rateable values throughout the UK. Our dedicated and experienced business rates relief team can provide the following services:

  • Reviewing rateable values and determining grounds for appeal
  • Challenging excessive assessments and securing reductions
  • Providing representation at Valuation Tribunal hearings
  • Providing advice to mitigate empty rates liability
  • Identifying and securing reliefs and exemptions
  • Securing rates reductions due to Material Change of Circumstances

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Future revaluations will now take place every three years.

Business rates represent one of the largest overheads for businesses and a successful business rates appeal or a carefully devised rates mitigation scheme can lead to substantial savings in the amount of rates you pay. 

Your Enquiry

By providing your business address including the postcode and the rateable value onto an email, we can research your assessment prior to calling you directly. Your initial input allows us to swiftly advise on the best approach for you moving forward....saves time that way.

By helping to reduce your Business Rates expenditure we add profitability to your business...

...this is our ultimate aim.


Latest Case studies

Splits and Mergers and their effects on Business Rates Assessments »

We have recently concluded two Rating cases through the new Check, Challenge, Appeal procedure resulting in both of our clients becoming 100% free of business rates liability.

“Rateable Value Halved” - 2017 Business Rates CCA System »

We effectively reduced the Rateable Value in half and generating savings in excess of £20,000 in business rates payable over the 5 year Rating List period.

Conversion Works »

Following the recent Supreme Court decision the interpretation of rating law has been altered when considering works of repair, refurbishment, conversion and redevelopment.

Latest News

Back To Grey » 21st September 2018

The valuation of property is never purely a science. Few properties could ever be described as identical and so it follows that the same valuation evidence cannot be applied directly to many properties without some form of adjustment and realistic application. Rather than being either black or white – there is always a grey area in valuation.

1 Year On from the 2017 Rating Revaluation – “CHECK, CHALLENGE, APPEAL” & the Spring Statement » 15th May 2018

Business Rates is often seen as a contentious tax at the root of the downfall of several high profile retailers and the slow death of the High Street. However, this is too simplistic.

Business Rates Update » 18th January 2018

The Chancellors Autumn Statement included 3 important changes to the business rates system. Two months on we review what it actually means?