Government Gateway Registration -       what will you need?

The 2017 business rates revaluation saw a stark change in the appeal process.

Since the first revaluation (in its present form) in 1990, appealing a Business Rates Assessment was a straightforward process. A short, standardised form with minimal information was submitted either on line or by post to the valuation office.

Fast forward to 2017 (following a two year deferral of the scheduled 2015 revaluation) and the rating appeal landscape has changed drastically. The introduction of “Check, Challenge, Appeal” is one such change.

However, before this process can commence the ratepayer must first register on the Government Gateway.

Effectively this is to verify the property, the ratepayer identity and importantly, the agent appointed to represent them.

Undoubtedly this is an added frustration but Roger Hannah & Co has produced a step by step guide to make the process as quick and straightforward as possible.

Government Gateway Procedure

To register you will need:

  • 10/15 mins
  • Have access to our Government Gateway Guide ♦ Click Here:
  • The current rates bill of the property
  • Proof of your identity which can be either: Passport, Payslip or P60
  • National Insurance Number
  • Roger Hannah & Co Agent Code: 37706

Once the registration is complete you will need to notify us so we can then commence with the first stage of the appeal process.

Unfortunately this process is mandatory for everybody and no appeal can commence until completed.

We are happy to assist you through this process.