Registered Valuation Scheme

The Valuer Registration Scheme is mandatory for RICS members carrying out Red Book Valuations in the UK. The scheme assures the quality of valuations, reinforces professional standards and raises consumer confidence in the delivery of valuation advice to the highest professional standard.

With uncertainty in the wider economic environment, it’s increasingly important that clients trust the professional advice that they receive.

In this short overview of Valuer Registration, Graham Stockey, Principal Surveyor RICS Regulation, talks about the importance of property valuation and what to expect during a regulatory visit.

Published on the RICS website Feb 18, 2014.

Why use an RICS registered valuer?

This information is quoted from the RICS website.

Valuation is one of the key RICS member practices. Valuer Registration is our quality assurance mechanism that monitors all registered RICS members who carry out 'Red Book' valuations and ensures consistent standards.

By appointing an RICS Registered Valuer, you can be confident that you are working with regulated and qualified professionals who:

  • Adhere to the 'Red Book' valuation standards
  • Are committed to openness and transparency
  • Are experts in their field, delivering credible and high-quality reports.

Valuer Registration aims to ensure the quality of valuations, raise the credibility of valuers and provide clients with a clearly identifiable designation of international standards, quality and the consistent application of 'Red Book' standards.

We believe that a thriving and strong profession, operating under a single global standard and modern regulation system, is good for professionals, clients and society.

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