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My tenant is behind with his rental payments. What do I do?

If your tenant is refusing to pay the rent owed, then you may need to employ the services of a bailiff.

We have a dedicated Credit Control team who are experienced in all aspects of rent collection and have valuable knowledge of the laws of distress and other remedies that are available to Landlords.

How do I make sure that my property is adequately insured?

As a Landlord it is vital that you insure your building at the appropriate level to cover liability and property damage. We can undertake Insurance Valuations to make sure your property is covered and at the same time our relationships with Insurance Brokers enable us to obtain the best deals for our clients.

My tenant has vacated and left the property is a poor state. Is there anything I can do now that they have gone?

Depending on the terms of the lease agreed, the tenant usually has a responsibility to look after your property and the lease will provide recourse should this not have been carried out. For example, serving a Schedule of Dilapidations.

Our experienced Building Surveying team can assess each individual case and advise you on the appropriate course of action. They can then pursue a claim on your behalf.

How can I recover the expenditure that I have paid out on my property?

This will depend on the lease terms agreed with your tenant. We can review your tenant's lease agreements to establish the best way to recover your expenditure.

Implementing a Service Charge to the tenant is a frequently used method to generate a recovery of expenditure. We can produce your annual Service Charge and reconcile them on your behalf.

My tenant's lease is coming up for renewal, how do I approach them regarding a new lease?

Prior to your tenant's lease expiring, it is necessary to serve a Section 25 notice in accordance with the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, if your lease is contracted inside the Act. There are two types of Section 25 notices, one opposing a new tenancy and one not opposing the granting of a new tenancy.

Our experienced Landlord & Tenant team can advise you on the options available and make sure that you comply with the necessary timescales. We can then negotiate new terms on your behalf. We have particular expertise in rent review negotiations and general Landlord and Tenant disputes.

My tenant has reported that their roof is leaking, is this my responsibility and if so, what should I do?

Whether this is a Landlord's or a Tenant's responsibility will depend on the terms of the lease you have with your Tenant. We can review your lease agreement and advise you on the appropriate course of action.

If it is your responsibility, our Management Team has a reliable network of contractors to assist in alleviating any stress on the Landlord.