Exceptional Hardship Scheme (EHS) / Long Term Hardship Scheme (lhts)

If your property is affected by the scheme and you have an urgent need to sell and have been unable to do so, you may be entitled to claim under the EHS.

To claim, you need to prove that you would suffer undue hardship if you would otherwise be unable to sell your property.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • A qualifying interest - you must be an owner-occupier, mortgagee, or executor.
  • Location of property - your property must be located directly on the proposed line or in very close proximity.
  • Effort to sell - you must have been marketing your property for a minimum of 3 months and not received any offer over 85% of the market value.
  • No prior knowledge - you must have purchased your property prior to 11 March 2010 when the route was initially announced.
  • Exceptional hardship - you must prove that you have a pressing need to sell and would suffer exceptional hardship if you had to wait.

Exceptional hardship may be due, for example, to ill health, a change in financial circumstances, divorce or a new job. Supporting evidence will also need to be submitted.

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