HS2 Compensation Schemes

In February 2017 Royal Assent was granted for Phase 1 of HS2, thus giving HS2 Limited the necessary compulsory purchase powers to deliver the route. As a result notices will be served on affected land owners.If you fall into this category you will be entitled to claim compensation under a number of heads of claim and in accordance with the Compensation Code.

With regard to Phase 2, whilst the preferred route has been published, it has yet to be finalised. As a consequence HS2 Limited has introduced a number of discretionary compensation schemes.

A summary of the compensation schemes:

Phase 1

Phase 2a / 2b

Post Completion of HS2

You may be entitled to claim compensation if the value of your property is negatively affected as a direct result of the operation of HS2. This is a claim referred to as a Part 1 Claim, under Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act 1973. However this may only be claimed 12 months after completion of the route.

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