Repairing clauses of a lease are enforced through a Schedule of Dilapidations which is a document usually prepared by the Landlord's surveyor.

A  Schedule of Dilapidations sets out items of disrepair where the tenant has failed to comply with the repairing clauses of the Lease, and also the works required to put the property back into repair.

It is usual for the Landlord and Tenant to each appoint a surveyor to negotiate on their behalf, and agree the extent of the repairs to be carried out during the term. If the tenant does not complete the works by Lease expiry, the landlord can sue the tenant for breach of covenant.

Landlords: Has your tenant provided notice to end the lease (Speak to a specialist for a free consultation)?

Tenants: Has your Solicitor advised that you need a surveyor (How do you defend a Dilapidations Claim)?

Roger Hannah & Co. has much experience acting on behalf of both Landlord and Tenant, providing advice on all challenging aspects of Dilapidations, including:

  • The Dilapidations Protocol
  • Preparation of Interim and Terminal schedules of dilapidations
  • Negotiation of dilapidation settlements, for both landlords and tenants
  • Dilapidation assessments for both landlords and tenants which can be used as a means of negotiation, applying for tax relief or for future business planning purposes such as determining whether to activate a break clause in a lease, etc

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