Building Surveys

A Building Survey is a detailed non-intrusive investigation of the construction and condition of a building, providing a detailed description of each of the elements of construction including any defects together with a recommendation for remedial works and further specialist investigation if necessary.

When identifying and considering the construction of a property and its condition, together with any legal and statutory issues, Roger Hannah & Co can provide advice in relation to maintenance and repairs.

Our Building Surveyors understand that the condition of any property is crucial to any investor, purchaser or current owner. A property owner needs to ensure that their property is safe and structurally sound at all times. Also, being aware of any potential maintenance liabilities or hazardous/deleterious materials before deciding to invest in or purchasing a property is of cardinal importance.

We can help with property purchases and Leasehold liability assessments too.

We receive regular instructions ranging between single dwellings through to multi occupied property portfolios for both Commercial and Residential property throughout the UK.

Contact our specialist team on 0161 429 1670 who can provide free initial strategic advice.

We provide comprehensive advice on all types of commercial/residential property & construction:

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