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In the property industry it's not just physical buildings which need property management, blocks of land or yard properties also require a similar level of upkeep and attention that you would commonly come to associate with any regular type of property. At Roger Hannah we offer a range of management services to look after any type of property - ensuring that it's maintained to the highest standard and it continues to provide you with a suitable return.

We offer a range of valuation services which help to ensure that you receive every penny that your yard is worth in either a rental income or a sale. Our rental and sale valuations are carried out by a team of experts who take into consideration the location, size and potential of your property to provide you with an accurate valuation on what your property is worth.

We also provide a range of on-going property management services including full financial management, health and safety, maintenance and repairs and looking after any utilities which may be used within the property. This can help to take the stress out of your hands and ensure that your property is maintained to the highest standards.