Review your Business Rates Bill

Date: 22nd November 2012
Author: Mark Keirl
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Business rates are a large part of the cost of occupying any property and there are many examples of business' that have run into financial difficulty because of these high charges. Business rates are assessed by the Valuation Office Agency and are collected by the local authority. The calculation is based on your properties rental value.

The last revaluation for calculating your rates was carried out in April 2010 and is based on rental values as at 1st April 2008.

You should check the calculation made on your business rates bill to see if this is correct, there are many opportunities for which you can appeal for a reduction or relief that are available from these charges.

Does your business qualify for Small Business Rates Relief?

Reliefs are available to registered charities and to Community Amateur Sports clubs. Do you qualify?

Discretionary reliefs are available to non-profit making organizations and this is judged on set policy guidelines.

Is your property empty or unoccupied, have you claimed relief from payment (3 months for offices and 6 months for industrial units)?

Has there been a negative impact on trade due to vacant commercial properties in the local area, or major works such as road digging or other major infrastructure works such as Manchester's Metrolink that has reduced the traffic flow and customer footfall to your business?

Do you still use the premises in the same way as you did when the revaluation took place; is there a new layout or alterations? These could affect the way the property is valued.

Is my properties rateable value overstated if so you may be able to appeal the level of value.

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