Date: 11th August 2017
Author: Dave Comer
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2017 BUSINESS RATES REVALUATION - Despite the issues, we have overcome the obstacles.

Roger Hannah & Co submit first wave of 2017 business rates “Checks” despite the furore!

The dramatic change in the appeal procedure for the 2017 business rates revaluation has virtually ground the system to a halt. The need for a Government Gateway registration, the lack of a suitable system for submitting and recording volume checks and the valuation office website that is barely fit for purpose, have seen many major advisors sit on their hands and hope there is a resolution.

The last update we had was that only 220 “checks” had been submitted across the country. Compare this to the 2010 revaluation where many thousands of appeals were lodged within the first few weeks and the issues are obvious.

Roger Hannah & Co has taken a proactive approach to this difficult new system and has designed specifically tailored information and tools on their website, making the process quick and easy to navigate.

This ensures our clients’ interests are protected at an early stage and importantly that we are at the forefront of negotiations when significant valuation issues are discussed and established.

This month alone Roger Hannah & Co has submitted “Checks” on over £1,000,000 of rateable value.

We have been advised by the valuation office that they will aim to respond to these “Checks” within 12 weeks (under the structure of CCA, they in fact have 12 months) so we believe early action is beneficial.

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