HS2 Phase 2b Announcement – Extension to Leeds and Manchester

Date: 17th July 2017
Author: Angela Juszczyk
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Today’s eagerly anticipated announcement relates to the confirmation of the route of Phase 2b.  Phase 2b will see the extension of the line from West Midlands to Leeds on the eastern leg and to Manchester on the western leg.  

Whilst the preferred route of Phase 2b was safeguarded in November 2016, today’s announcement serves to remove any uncertainty regarding the actual fulfilment of the Phase 2b plans, whilst providing absolute clarity concerning the government’s intentions for the project.

The announcement will see the following changes to the original proposals for Phase 2b:


  • To move the previously proposed rolling stock depot at Golborne to a site north of Crewe
  • To move the approach to Manchester Piccadilly 370 metres eastwards with the northern tunnel portal in Ardwick, to avoid direct impacts on residential properties and a school at West Gorton
  • To move the route in the Middlewich - Northwich area in Cheshire up to 800 metres westwards


  • To situate the station serving Sheffield in the city centre rather than the proposed Medowhall site.
  • To cut through the newly built Shimmer Estate in Mexborough where residents are currently being offered a minimum cash payment of £30,000 to remain on the estate
  • To move the route to the east of Measham in Leicestershire, avoiding the most significant impacts on local manufacturing businesses and development site
  • To go around instead of tunnel under East Midlands Airport
  • To amend the alignment of the preferred route as it passes through Long Eaton to reduce severance in the local community and reduce impacts on the highway network and existing rail infrastructure
  • To build the Leeds Station abutting the existing railway, coming at the cost of the demolition of numerous offices, hotels and industrial premises in order to providing a true interchange

In addition, the announcement provides clarity on the limits of the Rural Support Zone, and the Homeowner Payment Zone in relation to the announced plans.

The announcement now provides potentially affected parties the ability to identify if their property will be affected by the finalised plans, and if so whether they will qualify for any of the compensation schemes.

It is important for those affected to take expert advice with regard to compulsory purchase and/or compensation.  If you have any queries or would like any information please contact our HS2 team here at Roger Hannah & Co.