Case Study: Public Space Contributions Removed to Bring Forward Scheme

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Roger Hannah & Co. have recently been involved in ensuring that an Affordable Housing and Extra Care Scheme achieves planning in West Kirkby. An onerous requirement for financial contributions in respect of public open space was putting the scheme’s viability at risk.

An Economic Viability Report was undertaken which assessed the scheme of 48 dwelling houses, 16 flats and 6 bungalows alongside a three-storey building of one and two bedroom apartments of extra care units. Given the nature of the area, values are depressed and the contribution was putting undue stress on the profitability of the scheme. Through the submission of a detailed report and subsequent negotiation this contribution was removed, consequently allowing the scheme to be constructed to provide much needed affordable housing for the area.

The houses, flats and bungalows will all provide high quality affordable housing stock either for affordable rent or rent-to-buy. Knowsley Council see this as an important addition to the town of Kirkby and see it benefitting the area and the local population in a positive way.

The consented scheme is shown below.


Should you have any questions regarding viability assessments or any other development matters please get in contact with the team.