Case Study: Employment Land Release Success in Hyde

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Roger Hannah & Co have been successful in preparing an employment land release and viability report of Newton Business Park in Hyde. Working in conjunction with 'How Planning' we have undertaken a report that outlines that Newton Business Park is no longer fit for use as an industrial site and should be released for residential development. The National Planning Policy Framework in these instances requires that Council Policies “should avoid the long term protection of sites allocated for employment use where there is no reasonable prospect of a site being used for that purpose”.


Newton Business Park is a large industrial estate in the north east of Hyde. Our report focused upon the release of part of the site for residential purposes. The western side of the site was occupied by buildings that were quickly reaching the end of their economic life and would have required serious investment in order to continue in employment use. The release of part of the site for residential purposes will help drive investment in the remaining units in order to provide better quality employment accommodation for Hyde and the surrounding area.

Roger Hannah & Co are well versed in employment land release reports having undertaken reviews of employment sites across the North West. We understand planning guidance and the requirements of Council’s in order to release land for residential development.

If you have a site that requires a report of this nature please get in contact with our development team.