Case Study: Mersey Gateway Claim Settled

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Roger Hannah & Co was appointed by Gussion Transport Limited to represent their interests in the Mersey Gateway CPO for the construction of a new bridge linking Widnes with Runcorn.

Gussion Transport Limited owned a transport depot site comprising approximately 3.5 acres of land, 10,000 sq ft of office, industrial accommodation and a chemical vehicle wash.  The CPO was confirmed authorising Halton Borough Council to acquire the Gussion property for the construction of the slip road leading up to the new bridge.

Roger Hannah & Co.’s role involved assessing and negotiating the value of the land, identifying a new site for the business and negotiating the disturbance cost associated with relocating the business from their current site to new premises elsewhere in Widnes.

The process was difficult and involved extensive and at times confrontational negotiations with the local authority and their professional advisors.  This was necessary to ensure that Gussion received full and fair compensation.  Patience and a willingness not to accept the local authority’s first response was of key importance.

The negotiations particularly focused on the cost of business disturbance.  We were able to agree the full payment of a new vehicle wash, a significant amount of the cost of resurfacing the new yard and a large proportion of the costs associated with refurbishing and fitting out the garage and office premises at the new site.

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