Commercial property services in Stockport

Date: 30th April 2013
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Roger Hannah & Co offers a range of commercial property services in Stockport which can be invaluable to anyone looking to lease, sell or purchase a commercial property in this area. With services including property management, rental valuations and general project management available, our team can offer something to meet the needs of almost anyone in the property industry. 

If you are looking to lease a property then our rental valuation services can ensure that you get the right price for your property. Our team of experts know exactly what to look for in a rental property valuation and we will take into account various factors including the potential of your property, its size and location before we make an accurate valuation – to ensure that you receive the right amount of income from your property.

There are a number of different commercial property options in Stockport, depending on your own needs and the team at Roger Hannah & Co can offer you a wide range of property services to take the hassle out of managing your properties.