Commercial Property For Sale Manchester

Date: 15th December 2014
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If you are looking to establish yourself as a serious business then one of the first places you would start is by setting up a base of operations. Many new and small businesses will not have the capital to purchase, but if you do, then purchasing a commercial property can introduce a number of benefits.

There are several commercial properties for sale in Manchester and Roger Hannah & Co can help find you the best deals. Buying a commercial property gives you more flexibility when it comes to property management, while any profit that is made from the building will go directly to you. Unlike letting a property, you won’t be fixed to any long term contracts meaning that you can move freely and expand as your business does.

What should I look for in a commercial property?

At Roger Hannah & Co we are experts when it comes to commercial property and thanks to our professional team of chartered surveyors and property managers, we can locate a property that is perfect for you. Here are some factors that you should consider:

  • Size – the size of the property you are looking for is determined by how big your company is. If you are an established company with several hundred employees, a small office will not be able to fulfil your requirements and vice versa
  • Price – businesses need to be astute with their expenses, so finding a property that won’t impact too much on your finances always helps. You need to think of how it could impact future spending as well, so a calculated assessment is essential
  • Location – you will want to be where your customers are, so the location can often make all the difference. Central locations will obviously be more expensive, but an astute knowledge of the market can help you find a location that will benefit your business
  • Usage – what will the premises be used for? What does your company specialise in? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when finding a base for your operations.

We specialise in the commercial property market

If you are looking for a commercial property for sale in Manchester but are unsure of how to find the best deals, then the team here at Roger Hannah & Co can help. Our award winning team has a proven track record when it comes to property management and together we can help ensure that your investment is protected.

We can provide you with up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market as well as a complete agency coverage of Manchester and the North West, so if you are looking to make an investment let us help you. Speak with one of our expert advisors today on 0161 817 3399 and we can help find you a great deal on your next commercial property purchase.