When acting on behalf of Landlord:

Has your tenant provided notice to end the lease?

When acting on behalf of Tenant:

Has your Solicitor advised that you need a surveyor?

Roger Hannah & Co. has much experience acting on behalf of both Landlord and Tenant, providing advice on all challenging aspects of dilapidations, including:

  • The Dilapidations Protocol
  • Preparation of Interim and Terminal schedules of dilapidations
  • Negotiation of dilapidation settlements, for both landlords and tenants
  • Dilapidation assessments for both landlords and tenants which can be used as a means of negotiation, applying for tax relief or for future business planning purposes such as determining whether to activate a break clause in a lease, etc

Contact our specialist team 0161 429 1670 who are happy to provide initial strategic advice.


Defending dilapidation claims


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